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The Bethune-Height Recognition Program is the largest membership fundraiser of the national organization and annually honors Bethune Achievers (persons who contribute $300.00 or more), Life Members ($500), and Legacy Life Members ($1,000) who contribute, join or upgrade through the fundraiser Program.


The Bethune Recognition Program was founded in 1974 and has grown into a great national movement. Its uniqueness comes from the annual opportunity it gives individuals to live the legacy of NCNW’s Founder, Mrs. Mary McLeod Bethune by contributing to the work for which she dedicated her life.

Proceeds from the Program help to undergird the vital work of the National Office by broadening and strengthening the financial base that is so crucial to NCNWs survival and its ability to affect much needed change.

In November 2010, during the NCNW 75th Anniversary Convocation, Dr. Barbara L. Shaw, National Chair, officially announced that the Program would be renamed “Bethune-Height Recognition Program” in honor of Dr. Dorothy I. Height, NCNW Chair/President Emerita.  Watch "Just Imagine" below for more.

Just Imagine: Celebrating Membership and the Bethune-Height Recognition Program of NCNW National.
Click on Image to learn it's history.

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